On Saturday, May 30th, Members responded to an incident under the main hydro power lines. As the crew was tending to the scene our Rescue 11 Truck experienced an electrical fault under the dashboard. Members quickly put out the fire with an extinguisher before the flames reached the medical oxygen stored on board.
Unfortunately, the damage was too extensive to repair immediately and we had to purchase a replacement for this rescue unit. During this time, Engine-11 responded to all medical and rescue calls.
We soon purchased a 2005 Ford F350 quad cab, (pictured right) and our members put in countless hours striping down the truck and moving cabinets and equipment from the old chassis to the new one. We took this opportunity to add a few additions to the new R-11 including a compressed air foam system, also known as C.A.F. This system mixes a very effective extinguishing agent to the 100 gallons of on-board water R-11 carries, resulting in an increased coverage area, and less less water needed to deal with a vehicle fire.
Additional enhancements included new storage system to secure more tools and stabilization equipment, GPS, and new low wattage LED emergency lights. A heavy duty winch was installed, providing support to rescue crews.
new r11 purchase
The completed Rescue-11 is here:
The process of rebuilding the old rescue into a new truck began. Again, countless hours of electrical, fabricating and planning went into creating Service-11. This new apparatus is designed to perform multiple tasks depending on the weather and seasons. It carries brush fire capabilities, and a pressurized water system with foam, 4000 watt generator for standby power, additional storage cabinets for equipment transport and a snowplow to clear areas that other apparatus may not be able to access due to heavy snow conditions.
Service-11 is a 1999 Ford F350 super-duty, Triton V10 4x4 extended cab and was put into operational service in 2012